Joe Biden: Ten Pictures That Will Make You Laugh…Or Cry (Pics)

Joe Biden: Ten Pictures That Will Make You Laugh…Or Cry (Pics)

Joe Biden, through all of his faults, has always represented to me the ludicrous nature of our winner-take-all electoral system. This man should not be trusted with a sharp pair of scissors, but because he is attached to the Anointed One, the Gary Busey of the executive branch remains a heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

I submit to you the top ten pictures of Crazy Uncle Joe.

Joe Biden (2)

And as Vice President Biden crashed a frat party and declared, “You little punks ain’t got nothin’ on ol’ Joe! I am the master of beer pong!” The Secret Service agents assigned to him began questioning their career choices.

Biden and Obama

“Hmm. I have 32 teeth. No, that can’t be right… 1…2….3…”

Biden excited

“I know, Michelle, but the new neighbors are moving in and he says he saw the movers bring in a Slip-N-Slide and he wants to go over and play…”



Joe, just what in the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Biden Baby

Vice President or not, should we really allow this man access to a baby?

Trans am

Alright, I realize this is a Photoshop from The Onion- but it makes me laugh every time I see it.

Joe Biden

“I don’t have a ‘hog,’ per se, but I’ve got a moped and a half tank of gas. Let’s say we ditch these jokers, baby…”


And yet, Howard Dean gave out one “BYAHHH!” and his career was done.

Biden upset

“That was a close one. I almost revealed that I don’t actually know what an AR-15 is.”

Biden 3

Send Joey out to do this, send Joey out to do that… I’m smart… I’m smart and I want respect!”

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