A Report On The Oct 7, 2010 Tea Party In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (5 Pics)

A Report On The Oct 7, 2010 Tea Party In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (5 Pics)

They had a Tea Party last night in Myrtle Beach — and it was a little unusual. It was the first Tea Party I’ve ever been to that was inside a building. It was in a school auditorium — which honestly, detracted from the normal festive atmosphere. There were no signs, there wasn’t a lot of mingling going on, and the speakers were all candidates or former candidates for office.

Overall, the quality of the speakers was good, although it was a bit uneven. The star of the show was Tim Scott, which is a name you’re likely to hear frequently in the next few years.

Whatever happens across the rest of the country, Tim Scott is going to Congress and that’s rather significant because he’s going to be the first black Republican in the House since J.C. Watts. Hopefully, he won’t be alone. Whether he is or not, Scott stands out. He’s a rock ribbed conservative, extremely charismatic, and he’s a skilled politician. Personally, I’d love to see Tim Scott primary Lindsay Graham in 2014 because I think Scott has what it takes to beat him. Of course, that’s all John Hawkins: Tim Scott has never even hinted that he intends to do that. Still, he does seem like an ambitious guy; so never say never.

The event itself had roughly 200 attendees, which is a little less than previous Myrtle Beach Tea Parties that I’ve been to, but those other events were either at lunch time or on the week-ends. Although neither Nikki Haley nor Jim DeMint was able to attend the event, both of them sent short, well received videos that were played at the event. One thing that might surprise people who think Tea Partiers aren’t socially conservative was that the event opened with a prayer and God’s name was frequently praised during the event. In fact, my favorite line from the event mentioned God,

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Obama can keep his hope and change and we’ll keep our love of God and our guns.

To finish things off, here are 5 pictures from the event,

Myrtle Beach Tea Party, Oct 7

Myrtle Beach Tea Party, Oct 7

Myrtle Beach Tea Party, Oct 7

John Hawkins & Tim Scott

Tim Scott

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