Dear Republicans, Defund Planned Parenthood or Step Aside

Dear Republicans, Defund Planned Parenthood or Step Aside

Republicans are being called out to finally make a smart decision to defund Planned Parenthood, or quite frankly, get out the way.

planned parenthoodThis will be their choice and their doing, all you need is the minimal courage and wit required to back them into that corner. And once they’re in that corner, you have to stare them down with an icy, unwavering glare, and refuse to break under any circumstance. Meanwhile, you hit them over the head with their own support for welfare for billion dollar abortionists. You smack them in the face ruthlessly and loudly and mercilessly. You repeat over and over and over and over again that government is shutdown because Democrats care more about their Planned Parenthood allies than their own constituents.

Matt Walsh is right when he says fight now or get out of the way. The horrifying videos of Planned Parenthood talking about killing and selling babies is all the ammunition we need to stop funding them. Why does the tax payer have to pay for that? It’s mortifying to think about where our money goes as a voter and tax payer.

Pardon my Italian if this is incorrect, but we all need to crescere alcune palle and defund Planned Parenthood.

Frank Lea

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