Attempt to Fabricate Evidence of Racist Oppression by Police Lands Idiot in Jail

Attempt to Fabricate Evidence of Racist Oppression by Police Lands Idiot in Jail

Black Lives Matter ideology of the type that inspires maniacs to assassinate police officers and overpaid cretins to kneel during the national anthem rests on the notion that blacks are oppressed by law enforcement. Since there isn’t much oppression in real life, it has to be staged. From Fort Payne, Alabama:

WHNT reports that 28-year-old Michael Duran Havis made an “anonymous” call to 911 saying there was shooting. He even used some kind of sound effects to make it seem like there was a shooting going on. He described the shooter as a black male in a white hoodie and then hung up.

The black male, white hoodie–wearing Havis then waited at the location of the phony shooting for the police to come and oppress him so he could live stream video of the event on Facebook. In the meantime, he chatted with his audience.

“All right people, so check this out. I’m chilling’ on my front porch. I ain’t bothering nobody. And see these police, they just just keep riding by. Now I bet you a million dollars that these police is going to come back and say something to me,” said Havis. …

“Now I ain’t doing nothing as y’all see. I’m just sitting here on my front porch, minding my own business. And these white folks done rolled by, two times already, staring and sh**. I bet you anything that they come back,” he continued.

Havis then complains that he’s from “the hood” and he’s sick and tired of cops always hassling him just because he’s black.

More likely, they hassle him because he is a criminal:

Havis was arrested and charged with Rendering a False Alarm, he is also on probation from a 2012 Felony Charge with Marshall County. … Upon release he will be transported from Fort Payne City Jail to Marshall County Jail for his Probation Violation Charge.

I hope it was worth it to him to get on the Hate Hoax List.

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