British Police Forsake Crime Fighting for Clowning

British Police Forsake Crime Fighting for Clowning

Even in moonbattery-addled Britain, people are getting fed up with the feminization, infantilization, and moonbattification of the police:

Officers were criticised for garishly painting their nails, posing for photos in bumper cars and stroking puppies for stress relief.

The nail painting was intended to raise awareness for human slavery. Officers who were subsequently ridiculed were encouraged to report this as a hate crime.

Some officers pose in bear masks — others in women’s shoes.

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Yet [or more likely, consequently] shocking figures out this week showed that almost every type of crime is up, with knife offences alone rising by a quarter. Nine out of ten home burglaries are unsolved.

Retired senior Scotland Yard detective Mick Neville may have fingered the problem:

“Too many modern chief constables have got more degrees under their belts than arrests.”

But no doubt they are very good at community relations and staging awareness-raising publicity stunts.

On a tip from The Lieberal Media. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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