COWARDLY Protesters Unmasked By Cops – Watch What Happens NEXT!

COWARDLY Protesters Unmasked By Cops – Watch What Happens NEXT!

When Anti-Fascist (Antifa) members showed up at Alabama’s Auburn University on Tuesday to protest a talk by the founder of the Alt-Right movement, Richard Spencer, the police went about discouraging violence in a very simple way.

As reported in BizPacReview:

Video on social media captured police having to explain to one of the thugs, like a petulant child, that they had to take their masks off.

You can see the cops stop these adult babies, saying, “NO HOODIES, NO MASKS!” and watch them feint with all the athleticism of kids whose parents never registered them in sports. It’s like watching someone fight their dog who just picked up something dangerous in their mouths.

Antifa have been causing trouble and riots at libertarian, right wing, freedom of speech, pro-Trump and Alt-Right events for the past few weeks including last weekend’s Berkeley Riot.

Spencer gets a bad rap, but it’s always worth noting that he himself is not instigating the violence and even Auburn University knows it.

As a result of active police work, three people were arrested before the evening’s entertainment.

The tweets poured in during and after the event showing that the police, by doing simple, good police work of enforcing the law were able to cut down on the violence seen at Berkeley by removing the anonymity that Antifa so desperately wanted.

Anonymous protesters at an event whose speaker puts his full name on his controversial ideas? How very brave. I hope more riots are averted by simply forcing the dissenters to show their faces for the camera or risk being thrown in jail. You don’t have to agree with his ideas, or the ideas correctly (or incorrectly) associated with the Alt-Right to have the courtesy of obeying the law, or the courtesy of putting your name and face behind your opinions before a protest.

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Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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