KARMA! Teen Who Blasted “F**k Tha Police” During NYPD Officer’s Funeral Got Evicted

KARMA! Teen Who Blasted “F**k Tha Police” During NYPD Officer’s Funeral Got Evicted

This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving chump.

As the body of a black, female officer was being laid to rest, a teen blasted “F**k Tha Police” from his apartment window. I guess he thought he was clever or something, celebrating the assassination of an officer. Unfortunately for him, he’s the only one who thought so.

The superintendent wasted no time in calling up the tenant and his sister and letting them know that he no longer wanted them in his building.

“I called him and told him he needs to take care of this right away,” Danny Morales said.

“I told him it’s disrespectful and they can’t be doing this. The police lost a family member. We all need to come together and respect that.”

What the disrespectful punk didn’t know and couldn’t anticipate is that Morales’ nephew his a LEO assigned to the 40th District. Now would it have changed his opinion if he had known? Probably not, because he’s a self-centered brat.

The song itself has a time and a place, and it’s not during the funeral of someone who put their lives on the line on a daily basis to make sure your stupid butt could rest easy every night.

She was assassinated by a thug who didn’t think her black life mattered because she decided to don a uniform every day so she could afford to care for her three children (whom she cared for alone) and her elderly mother. She was a human being, but people who are anti-LEO are so short-sighted that you can’t see beyond a badge. You lump all officers in together and then scream about how you think they treat all black people the same. Did it ever occur to someone like to you open a dialogue with your local police? So you know who they really are on and off the clock? To figure out what they stand for and why they put on the uniform every day?

I didn’t think so.

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