Man and Officer Seek Shelter on Top of Police Car Together While Being Attacked [PHOTOS]

Man and Officer Seek Shelter on Top of Police Car Together While Being Attacked [PHOTOS]

There are often stories in the media of alleged police brutality and misdeeds. This isn’t altogether surprising; after all, the phrase “if it bleeds, it leads” didn’t come out of nowhere and police officers are easy targets for the liberal media. But inspiring stories exist, too — like this officer, who helped save a man from some vicious attackers.

A police officer in El Reno, Oklahoma was on patrol when he came upon a frightening sight: a man was running for his life, being chased by two pit bulls. The man was running backwards, screaming, using his jacket to try to keep the pit bulls at bay. That’s when the officer jumped into action.

He pulled his patrol car over and quickly helped the man climb onto the hood of the car. There, the two took refuge as the dogs snarled beneath them.

The officer, Canadian County Deputy Barrett Storm, also had a plan to get control of the dogs. Eventually, they started to wander away; Storm responded by banging his baton on the car to get them to come back, so that animal control could have time to show up and take the dogs. The dogs thankfully didn’t bite anyone, but the owner was in for a nasty surprise — they were cited for allowing the dogs to run loose freely.

This is exactly an example of how a good police officer does his job, one that the national media won’t often cover. This officer jumped into action to help save someone else’s life, at great risk to himself, and then responded calmly to the situation without using deadly force, even though it could have been warranted. Police officers put themselves on the line for us every single day and that sacrifice deserves to be acknowledged and appreciated.

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