NUKE THREAT? Texas Officials Issued Radiation Detectors on Southern Border

NUKE THREAT? Texas Officials Issued Radiation Detectors on Southern Border

Texas game wardens received a shiny new tool to help protect Americans from terrorist attacks. The tool will detect radioactive items and help prevent wicked weapons such as “dirty bombs” from being used. It’s a step in the right direction to help protect citizens from unnecessary attacks.

nuke threat

From WND:

Texas game wardens don’t just cover land issues such as poaching, wildlife management or even illegal chemical dumping. They’re also on the water, monitoring for fishing violations – and now, terrorism. So now, besides guns and handcuffs, game wardens will have one more tool.” That tool is a device the size of a cell phone which detects radiological or nuclear emissions. It can be worn on a belt and can help a warden determine if something suspicious is radioactive. Houston Public Media reports game wardens began training with the radiation detectors in January and completed a mock exercise to find radioactive packages along the coast.

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I’m shocked game wardens didn’t have the radiation detectors in the past. There’s trash trucks that have radioactive detectors built in, so it makes sense that the game wardens along the border of Texas should have had these tools years ago.

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