Truth Is the Enemy of Social Justice

You would have to admire these people for their audacity, except they probably aren’t bright enough to understand how outrageous they are:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s top appointee to the civilian agency that rules on police misconduct cases reiterated her call Wednesday for City Hall to make changes to the police union’s contract, singling out a long-standing requirement that citizens sign sworn affidavits to make a complaint.

Police Board President Lori Lightfoot called the requirement “a very big issue that stands in the way of legitimacy related to the investigation of citizens’ complaints,” adding that it’s something “that’s gotta change.”

That is, Ms. Lightfoot doesn’t like it that citizens have to promise to tell the truth before making allegations of police misconduct.

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It’s a tricky issue, given that Fraternal Order of Police leaders long have maintained that the affidavit requirement prevents a flood of frivolous complaints while critics contend it intimidates citizens who might otherwise file legitimate grievances. But it’s also timely, given that the police supervisors’ contract expires next June and the city is under immense pressure amid a U.S. Department of Justice investigation to change how cops do business in the wake of multiple incidents of alleged police misconduct.

The powers that be don’t mind lies, so long as the lies advance social justice. In contrast, the small number of complaints against Chicago cops does not advance social justice, because it undermines The Narrative. Therefore, the rules must be changed to facilitate more complaints.

Why anyone is willing to serve as a police officer under moonbat rule is beyond my understanding.

The world according to The Narrative.

On a tip from Chronos Z Wonderpig. Hat tip: Blue Lives Matter. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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