Unfit Sue to Eliminate Physical Standards for Police Officers

The great Harry Callahan used to say that we need to know our limitations. Since some of them cannot be overcome, egalitarianism can only be achieved if standards are brought down to the lowest common denominator. Lawsuits are useful in this regard. Here’s how this principle is applied to law enforcement:

[Rebecca] Arndt, 48, is one of 12 decorated Colorado Springs policewomen suing the city of Colorado Springs for what plaintiffs say is an unfair fitness test that disproportionately affects women over the age of 40. Nearly 40 percent of the department’s women in that demographic failed the test the first time around, the lawsuit claims.

Obviously then, the test needs to go. Plus there should be compensation to the “victims.” Why not? Taxpayers have plenty of money.

The female detectives, lieutenants, officers and a sergeant with the Colorado Springs Police Department were stripped of their uniforms and normal duties when they didn’t pass a new annual physical fitness test that is not normed for age or gender, according to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Denver on Thursday afternoon. The punitive measures were “humiliating” to the plaintiffs, who say they just want to do their jobs.

There you have it: humiliation. That qualifies as pain and suffering, which are usually worth big bucks in our jackpot judicial system.

The lawsuit seeks to bar CSPD from enforcing the physical testing protocols of the new program, and monetary damages for earning opportunities from which the women were banned while on a performance improvement plan after failing the test, such as overtime.

That is, they demand overtime pay for time they did not work. That’s even better than the “pain and suffering” stratagem.

Too bad criminals aren’t “normed” for the age and gender of the officer trying to catch or overpower them. But then, the police aren’t there to stop crime, not at this point in our degeneration into anarchotyranny. Otherwise the Mayor of Baltimore wouldn’t have ordered cops to stand down and let her city be looted and burned. Under liberal rule, the police department is just a make-work jobs program, like the military.

Political correctness is reducing our society to a farce.

Soon to qualify as a patrol officer.

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