Breastless Women Sell Unisex Underwear

It takes an ever-stronger stomach to adapt to the degenerating freak show that is the advertising industry:

A unisex underwear company has used three breast cancer survivors, who underwent double mastectomies and opted not to have breast reconstruction, to pose topless in its new ad campaign, which celebrates their bodies and defies gender stereotypes.

Sylvie Lardeux and Abby Sugar, the co-founders of Play Out, chose Emily Jensen and Jodi Jaecks, who are from Seattle, and Melanie ‘Melly’ Testa, from Brooklyn, to join androgynous model Rain Dove in the brand’s latest campaign, as they continue to challenge gender norms and explore what it means to be feminine.

‘This is not about Breast Cancer Awareness,’ Abby wrote on her company’s blog. ‘This is about gender, lingerie, femininity, health, healthcare, age, agency, and breast cancer in the LGBTQ community and more.’ …

A short film directed by Thorsten Roth accompanies the campaign and shows Rain kissing another model, letting the viewer determine whether they are male, female or both.

Commercials tell us what we are supposed to want by showing us who we are supposed to be like. This campaign is apparently the state of the art in politically correct sexuality. As soon as they can come up with something still more twisted and horrific, social engineers will push the envelope even further.

No picture with this one. You’re welcome. The morbidly curious are directed to the source article.

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