Campus SJW Annie Teriba Quarantines Herself

The career path of a social justice warrior is not always smooth. The future once looked bright for Annie Teriba. Now, not so much:

A high profile student activist who has campaigned against “rape culture” has resigned from all political position and barred herself from National Union of Students (NUS) events and safe spaces because she is “unsafe.” She said she had “failed to properly establish consent before every act” during a sexual encounter at the NUS annual conference, and had “touched somebody in a sexual manner” in a night club three years ago.

Third year Oxford student Annie Teriba is best known for her driving role in the iconoclastic #Rhodesmustfall campaign to remove “racist” historical statues of Cecil Rhodes from campus…

Cecil Rhodes was a great philanthropist who probably did as much for Africa as anyone who ever lived. Militant blacks hate him for it. Like all great men, he will eventually be erased from history if liberals prevail.

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She is also editor of the No Heterox** zine blog, the People of Colour and Racial Equality Officer at Wadham College Student Union (SU), and a member of both the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) National Committee and the NUS’s Black Students’ Committee.

Quite the résumé. Yet not even Ms. Terrible is ideologically pure.

Many online have criticised Teriba for not describing the nonconsensual act as rape, including the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) Women’s Campaign – with which she was heavily involved – who said, “rape apologism manifests in infinite forms” on facebook, and that Teriba’s “statement recently shared below is, unfortunately, rife with apologism and we do not condone it nor the violence it describes.”

From Ms. Terrible’s Fakebook apology:

“At this year’s NUS Black Students’ Conference, I had sex with someone. The other party later informed me that the sex was not consensual. I failed to properly establish consent before every act. I apologise sincerely and profoundly for my actions. I should have taken sufficient steps to ensure that everything I did was consensual. I should have been more attentive to the person’s body language. In failing to clarify that the person consented to our entire encounter, I have caused serious irreparable harm.

“In a separate incident, in my first year of university, I was alerted to my inappropriate behaviour whilst drunk in a club, where I had touched somebody in a sexual manner without their consent. Therefore this is not an isolated incident. I apologise sincerely and profoundly for my actions.”

As indulging in sexual entitlement goes, this doesn’t exactly put her in a league with Bill Clinton, but it appears that her career as a SJW has stalled.

Inflicted “serious irreparable harm” through nonconsensual sex.

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