Classic Children’s Book Rewritten to Comply With Current Liberal Ideology

Classic Children’s Book Rewritten to Comply With Current Liberal Ideology

Even as Sweden dies of militant liberalism, the militant liberals in charge become ever more rigid and extreme. Now they are replacing a classic children’s book with a version altered to comply with current P.C. dogma:

Older versions of the Pippi Langstrumpf [Pippi Longstocking] book entitled ‘Pippi in the South Seas,’ have been discarded by libraries in the Botkyrka municipality.

The Botkyrka council … stated that they get rid of books which are ‘worn out,’ ‘outdated’ or ‘have not been borrowed for a long time,’ but admitted to disposing of the Pippi Langstrumpf copies due to ‘racist’ content and replacing them with newer editions without the ‘racial’ phrases.

In a press release, they wrote: “The libraries in the municipality of Botkyrka have culled editions of Astrid Lindgren’s ‘Pippi in the South Seas’ where there are obsolete expression[s] that can be perceived as racist, but Botkyrka Library have also bought the publisher’s new edition of the book from 2015 where the obsolete expression[s] have been replaced by more contemporary expressions.”

Did Pippi use the forbidden N-word? Nothing quite that serious — but serious enough:

The new edition of the book has replaced the phrase ‘king of the Negroes’ or ‘Negro king’ – in reference to Pippi’s father, who Pippi and her friends find in the Canny Canny Islands after his mysterious disappearance – with ‘king of the South Seas’ or ‘South Sea king.’

All slurs having been effectively eradicated, liberals have begun banning even neutral words like “Negro.” The United Negro College Fund had better change its name.

In addition, the concept of a white guy governing persons of preferred pigmentation is now politically intolerable.

Investigative journalist Janne Josefsson asserts that Botkyrka has actually been burning the original, politically incorrect Pipi Longstocking books.

Pippi Longstocking is the creation of Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, who passed away in 2002, and therefore has no say in how the authorities rewrite her works to force them into compliance with their ideology.

If the thought police can rewrite her books, whose books are next?

Required ideological expurgation.

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