Discord in Diversityland: Teens Become Punks

Careful now, teens. Not all white people are fair game for polar bear hunting. Some are revered and protected by the establishment — namely, gays:

Florida teens shouting homophobic slurs pummeled a gay man with lawn furniture as he tried to crawl away, shocking video shows.

Orlando cops busted two teenage brothers on hate crime charges and are searching for others after releasing footage of the chaotic attack, authorities said.

“No More Violence,” police tweeted along with the mug shots of Deandre Florence, 14, and Dennis Florence, 16. “We do not tolerate hate.”

Come on now, they’re just teens, like the beloved Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. How can you be intolerant of teens?

About 10 or so of the young punks pummeled the man and stole his pants and wallet during the beatdown.

Young punks? How come Saints Trayvon and Michael weren’t young punks? Oh I get it, because they didn’t attack gays — and also because their victims were armed and fought back.

Since they are punks rather than teens in this case, hate crime charges apply — i.e., they will get extra punishment for committing a crime against someone who is more equal than others under our politically correct caste system.

Deandre Florence  Dennis Florence
Teens Deandre and Dennis are now young punks.

On a tip from Rob E. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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