Drug Store Charges Men Extra

Drug Store Charges Men Extra

In an age of pure moonbattery, equality means that some animals are less equal than others. For example, men are less equal than women:

[A] Manhattan pharmacy announced on Monday that they will be hitting their male customers with an extra seven percent “man tax”—get this—in the name of “equality.”

Jolie Alony, the owner of the SoHo pharmacy, Thompson Chemists, designed the anti-man scheme as way to “level the playing field” for allegedly victimized women, in reference to the well-debunked “gender wage gap” myth and the so-called “pink tax.”

The “pink tax” refers to products marketed to females allegedly costing more. For example, a moonbat at WaPo fumes that female Halloween dog costumes cost more than male Halloween dog costumes.

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Before long we will also hear that products cost more for blacks, transsexuals, Muslims, illegal aliens, et cetera, and that this can only be rectified by charging people extra for not belonging to one of these politically preferred identity groups.

A store to avoid in NYC.

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