Former British Political Correctness Czar Admits Multiculturalism Is a Disaster

Even Trevor Phillips, the personification of official political correctness under Tony Blair, has had enough multiculturalism:

In a devastating critique of a culture of misguided political correctness, Trevor Phillips said far too many people felt unable to speak their minds because they feared being branded racist.

The former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission said that people would have to become ‘more ready to offend each other’ as the price of free speech.

In a hard-hitting article ahead of a TV documentary on race issues to be aired later this week, Mr Phillips attacked the ‘racket’ of multiculturalism which took root under Tony Blair’s government. He said:

• The inability to discuss racial issues contributed to child grooming scandals in cities such as Rotherham and Rochdale, because authorities ‘turned a blind eye’;

• Silence on racial issues led to the failure to take action to save Victoria Climbie [who was tortured and murdered];

• A film commissioned to warn young people of the dangers of grooming was suppressed because it featured an Asian [which in Britain means Muslim, probably of Pakistani origin] perpetrator abusing white girls;

• He was accused of being ‘fatuous’ by senior New Labour figures when he warned of the dangers of multiculturalism;

• Multiculturalism has become a ‘racket’ in many parts of the country, with self-styled community leaders battling for funds which prop up their authority and entrench segregation.

Political correctness is such a dysfunctional ideology, so fundamentally opposed to human nature, that there is no question that it can’t last long. The only question is whether this intellectual sickness will last long enough to permanently cripple Western Civilization.

Kudos to Phillips for speaking out. If others follow his lead rather than branding him a thought criminal, it may not be too late.

Phillips dared not to keep his mouth shut.

On a tip from Don M. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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