Happy Politically Correct Halloween

Happy Halloween! But don’t get carried away with your costume; we wouldn’t want victim groups having their feelings hurt:

At least two universities are asking students to tone down their Halloween costumes so they’re not offensive to certain cultures and don’t perpetuate stereotypes. …

In a letter to students on the university’s website, [University of Colorado, Boulder, Dean of Students Christina Gonzales] said the school “has in the past witnessed and been impacted by people who dressed in costumes that included blackface or sombreros/serapes; people have also chosen costumes that portray particular cultural identities as overly sexualized, such as geishas, ‘squaws,’ or stereotypical, such as cowboys and Indians.”

Take note, Dallas Cowboys. The PC Police will come for you when they are done with the Redskins. Pussification by political correctness has reached the point that even cowboys snivel.

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“My people are ranch people from Montana,” [university spokesman Bronson Hilliard] told Campus Reform. “When you dress up as a cowboy, and you have your sheriff badge on and a big cowboy hat, that’s not a representation of a cowboy, that’s not a representation of people who work on a ranch, that’s not a representation of people who live in the West, that’s kind of a crude stereotype.”

And we all know how hurtful to the self-esteem crude stereotypes can be.

Maybe it’s for the best that John Wayne didn’t live to see us reach this point.

Similar sentiments have been expressed at the University of Minnesota. There, the university’s Office of Student Affairs emailed students to say some costumes “inappropriately perpetuate racial, cultural and gender stereotypes” and urged them to choose wisely. …

In addition, the University of Wisconsin, Madison’s Multicultural Student Center published a blog, “Does this costume make me look racist?”

But dressing up as a goofy caricature of the opposite sex is still okay for the certifiably sexually perplexed, right Rachel Maddow?


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