Justice Department Employees to Undergo Brainwashing With Black Lives Matter Ideology

Under Hope & Change, the bogus and conspicuously pernicious dogma of Black Lives Matter hooligans is becoming the official ideology of the State:

It’s an issue that’s flown pretty quietly under the media radar, but the 19 “rules of engagement” originally drawn up by Black Lives Matter organizers in Ferguson and largely agreed to by the mayor of St. Louis have gradually transformed into a more comprehensive list of demands known as Campaign Zero and been shopped around Washington, D.C. to politicians like Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

One of the platforms of Campaign Zero is to require that current and prospective police officers undergo mandatory implicit racial bias testing, the results of which would be factored into hiring, deployment, and performance evaluations.

Presumably officers would perform much better on such testing now that, under pressure from the Department of (Social) Justice, local police have been subjected to training procedures that “help officers understand historical and cultural systems that perpetuate racial and ethnic profiling.” Starting next year, the Do(S)J’s own employees will undergo similar training.

From Roto-Reuters:

The U.S. Justice Department announced on Monday that more than 33,000 federal agents and prosecutors will receive training aimed at preventing unconscious bias from influencing their law enforcement decisions. …

In a memo to Justice Department employees, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates said the program targets “implicit biases” – subtle, unconscious stereotypes or characterizations nearly everyone makes about certain groups of people. …

The training will be mandatory for all Justice Department agents and prosecutors and will be rolled out over the next year, Yates said.

Arrest data compiled by some police departments have shown that black and Hispanic men are more likely to be stopped by police than others, suggesting officers may be exerting implicit bias in deciding whom to question or apprehend.

They are also more likely to be guilty of crimes. However, that is irrelevant now that the point of law enforcement is not to enforce the law, much less to keep the public safe, but to impose the P.C. lunacy personified by people like Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby of Freddie Gray infamy at the federal level.

Federal agents will be brainwashed to think like Marilyn Mosby.

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