NASA Wants to Replace American Flag With Moonbatty Earth Flag

Sheila Jackson Lee will be delighted to learn that if the USA ever does plant the flag she believes to have been placed on Mars, it won’t be a symbol of oppression to former slaves like herself. Old Glory will be replaced by something more politically correct:

Since Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, the iconic visual of the American flag they left behind marked NASA’s success in going where no man had gone before, marking their arrival for future visitors to see. Since then, all space suits worn by Americans have been adorned with the American flag. However, NASA has been supporting a design that may replace the American flag during space travel. The new flag, called the International Flag of the Planet Earth, is expected to represent Earth as a whole, rather than segment only the United States.

According to the International Flag of the Planet Earth’s official website, the new flag is intended to represent Earth as a whole and to “remind the people of Earth that we share this planet, no matter of national boundaries.” NASA is hopeful that other countries will adopt the new flag during their space expeditions and bring forth a level of solidarity across the planet, rather than segment the space race into different teams.

Fat chance. Moonbattery is a one-way street. When liberal decay causes us to be overtaken, others will rightly plant their own flag.

At this point it is unlikely that the first person to set foot on Mars will be American. The bureaucrats will never be able to decide which politically preferred group should be represented for that historic first step onto the planet, so they will have to embody all of them at once. The Chinese will be on Mars far before we can find a token transsexual single mother Muslim of color with Down syndrome willing to make the trip.

earth flag
If we ever make it back into space, they had better pack barf bags.

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