Phi Delta Theta Catches Hell for Yuletide Thought Crime

We are told it is white males who do the oppressing in our society. Then we read stories like this:

On Sunday night, a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity posted what became a controversial Christmas photo on Facebook. The photo showed the brothers — most of whom appear to be caucasian [sic] — posing in holiday attire in a living room. Next to one of the brothers on the left of the photo was a dark-skinned blow-up doll.

In a draft of an apology emailed by College senior and Phi Delta Theta President Jimmy Germi to UMOJA co-chairs Wharton junior Rachel Palmer and College sophomore Ray Clark, the fraternity said that the doll was a Beyoncé sex toy originally meant as a gag gift at the group’s Secret Santa event.

The Penn chapter of the NAACP righteously denounced the gag doll in tones shrill enough to make a dog whine.

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It isn’t just afrofascists that the frat has invited to give it a thrashing; feminazis stand right behind the NAACP/UMOJA types waiting to take a turn with their cudgels.

“The inclusion of a racially and sexually charged object in such a flagrant fashion displays a serious and immediate need for repercussions that reflect the severity of this misogynistic, racist offense,” a joint statement issued by the 5B — the five umbrella coalitions for minority groups on campus — and the Penn Consortium for Undergraduate Women said. “We—UMOJA, APSC, UMC, [email protected] Coalition, Lambda Alliance, and PCUW—firmly believe that when an event like this marginalizes one of our communities, it marginalizes us all.”

Looks like the poor frat full of white guys is about to get marginalized big time.

Being a product of a generation devoid of dignity, they quickly fell to their knees and began groveling:

The draft apology, signed “The Brothers of Phi Delta Theta at the University of Pennsylvania,” said the Beyoncé sex toy was “distasteful” and that “once removed from the packaging, it bore no semblance to the artist beyond skin color adding to its offensive nature.” The apology said “there were absolutely no prejudicial motivations behind the gift,” but acknowledged that “the absence of racial motivation is no justification for this act of poor judgement [sic] and the decision not to include a sex toy in a holiday picture should have been an easy one.”

The holiday they are too discreet to mention in known by those bold enough to speak its name as Christmas. Yet I don’t hear any Christians sanctimoniously shrieking for blood.

In their statements, UMOJA, 5B, and PCUW called for disciplinary action to be taken against the fraternity. UMOJA specifically called for the chapter to be fined and its rush activities to be suspended until “a council of peers deem it acceptable to resume activity after and instituted education process.” Further, the group urged the Office of Student Affairs/Fraternity and Sorority Life to enforce “mandatory cultural competency courses for all members to resume activity…” and for the fraternity’s national organization to be notified.

Humiliating brainwashing sessions for the guilty frat alone won’t suffice.

The 5B and PCUW joint statement also called for cultural competency training for both Phi Delta Theta and the Greek community on the whole.

No use telling these thugs to lighten up. A totalitarian society is a humorless society — and if political correctness hasn’t reached the point of totalitarianism yet, it sure doesn’t have far to go.

The thought crime is in the top row to your left. Click for full size.

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