Problems Pile Up After Sweden Applies Gender Equality to Snow Removal

Problems Pile Up After Sweden Applies Gender Equality to Snow Removal

Totalitarianism arises when fanatics believe their ideology can be applied to every aspect of existence. For example, here is how Sweden applies moonbattery to snow removal:

A “feminist” strategy for clearing the roads of snow in Stockholm ended in failure as the city ground to a halt in recent days.

A new system, suggested by progressive politicians in the Swedish city, tore up tried and tested snow plow routes and diverted them to areas said to be used more by women.

These included bike paths.

[T]he inevitable consequence was that other spaces – like main roads – were clogged up for longer, and it became impossible to get around.

Public transport failed, traffic piled up and injuries requiring a hospital visit reportedly spiked.

The disaster struck despite a $270,000 increase in this year’s snow removal budget meant to help the new system succeed.

Yet again we see that Big Government can spend any amount of other people’s money while presiding over a decline in the quality of services.

The new approach was buried by reality when a big snowstorm hit late last week.

Indeed, almost a week later buses are still struggling to run, and some 1,700 public transport passengers are planning to sue.

Progressive politicians have gone on the defensive, with the MP who suggested it claiming that the snow plows hadn’t executed the “gender-equal” plan properly.

Just like socialism: they tell us it works; it just hasn’t been implemented properly yet. So let’s try again. And again. And again. And again.

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