Syracuse University Cracks Down on Associating Colors With Genders

Syracuse University Cracks Down on Associating Colors With Genders

Once universities pushed back ignorance to advance science. Now they are better known for pushing back liberty to advance political correctness. But at least they are taking the lead in eradicating examples of “bias” like the tradition of associating colors with genders. From Campus Reform:

Syracuse University has launched a “STOP Bias” campaign warning students against such potential offenses as “displaying a sign that is color-coded pink for girls and blue for boys.”

Also forbidden according to the campaign are “avoiding or excluding others” and “making comments on social media about someone’s disability, ethnicity, race, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation/beliefs.”

Syracuse University students who become aware of such offenses are encouraged to report them to the Thought Police using the handy Bias Incident Reporting Form, and remember: “as a student of SU, you have an obligation to take an active role in fostering an appreciation for diversity and sending the message loud and clear that bias-related acts will not be tolerated.”

Political correctness has reached the extreme where literally anyone can be convicted of thought crime. Even those using the Bias Incident Reporting Form to denounce thought criminals prove themselves to be thought criminals by commenting on someone’s “political affiliation/beliefs.” This is not a bug but a feature. Making everyone a criminal, so that punishment can be inflicted arbitrarily, is an objective of any totalitarian system.

A thought crime.

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