That’s SO SEXIST! Feminists Come Unglued Over Mellish Motors’ Politically Incorrect Signs

That’s SO SEXIST! Feminists Come Unglued Over Mellish Motors’ Politically Incorrect Signs

Man, people have absolutely no sense of humor. I think this is hysterical. John Mellish of Mellish Motors in Canada likes to have fun with signs outside his used car dealership. The latest series has feminists coming unglued and tearing out their hair in outrage. Mellish tends to not be politically correct and he doesn’t back down. My kind of guy. When the feminists threw a hissy fit over his signs, Mellish doubled and then tripled down. If he had removed them and caved, it would have never been good enough by the way. In fact, either way, they’ll probably sue him over hurting their itty bitty female feelings. As Crowder rightly points out… appeasing crocodiles is futile.


From Louder with Crowder:

A fan of LwC sent this into us. John Mellish, owner of Mellish Motors, ran in to some outrageous passers by when they saw this sign outside of his car dealership…

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John Mellish often uses the sign at his used car dealership to give people a laugh as they drive along P.E.I.’s Highway 2.

The sign at Mellish Motors in the town of New Annan has caused some controversy in the past with slogans such as, “Politicians and babies have to be changed often. Sometimes for the same reason.”

But over the weekend, Mellish sparked an international uproar with messages social media users are calling sexist.

You simply cannot give in to the feminazis. They will haunt and nag you through eternity if you do. They feel entitled simply because they have breasts and a vagina. How ridiculous can you get. I’d buy a car from Mellish Motors simply because he did this. Heh. This is great advertising. For next to nothing, the guy became a sensation overnight. Now, that’s brilliant marketing. The guy is an equal opportunity offender as he should be. These people need to seriously get over themselves and get a life. I mean it. If you can’t laugh at an innocent joke like this, your panties are way too tight.





Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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