Three Blind Mice Halloween Costumes Ruled to Be a Thought Crime

The objective of critical theory is to destroy Western Civilization by undermining our belief in it, piece by piece. So it stands to reason that when the thought police are finished eradicating every element of our culture that is “discriminatory,” there will be nothing left — not even the three blind mice, which have been banned from the University of Wisconsin–Platteville.

According to the Bias Incident Team, three students committed a thought crime with their “three blind mice” Halloween costumes, because wearing them “makes fun of disability.”

The Bias Incident Team decided to follow up directly with the costume wearers, noting that “this incident is being considered a personnel issue in Residence Life” because the students were also staffers.

Photos of the mouse costumes were also removed from Facebook, though it’s unclear whether the Bias Incident Team compelled students to take them down.

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The names of the students and the full measure of their punishment are unknown.

Before long the custom of dressing up for Halloween will die out, as political correctness casts an ever wider net and inflicts ever more severe punishments for wearing costumes that only a year previously no one would have dreamed of calling discriminatory. In the meantime, this completely on-the-level video from the University of Washington might help college students avoid thought crime.

On a tip from J. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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