WATCH: Ben Carson Says Political Correctness is “Destroying Our Nation”

WATCH: Ben Carson Says Political Correctness is “Destroying Our Nation”

Liberals use political correctness as a sword to wield against their enemies — namely, anyone with common sense who still loves the United States and traditional values. And Ben Carson, who may be running for president in 2016, is speaking out against such ridiculousness, saying that political correctness is destroying our nation.

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With a potential kerfuffle finally behind him, potential 2016 candidate Ben Carson said Wednesday night that America is being destroyed by political correctness at all levels.

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Carson’s comments come after he was removed as an “extremist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center for his view on marriage, which he believes is reserved for a man and a woman exclusively.

The famed Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon made the comments to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“It’s worked to shut people up because they are afraid that they might be on their list,” Carson said in response to O’Reilly’s claim that the left-wing labels an individual a “civil rights abuser” if they don’t support gay marriage.

This idea that people should censor what they say because some other person might have hurt feelings over it, especially when it comes to political speech, is so mind-numbingly stupid that it’s hard to fathom. These morons need to learn to stop whining, put on their big-girl panties, and deal with the fact that they’re occasionally going to encounter people who — gasp!! — think differently than they do.

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