Wisconsin University Says It’s No Longer Politically Correct to Say Politically Correct

Wisconsin University Says It’s No Longer Politically Correct to Say Politically Correct

I guess the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (who?) would’ve expelled me before my application was processed, because it seems like they’re trying to ban all my favorite words with their idiotic political correctness agenda in which the term politically correct is not even politically correct. Am I the only one who thinks this barely known college is stupid?

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Warren Scherer’s department claims that the word “thug” is a microaggression because it “assumes that violence is the sole motivating factor in an action. Ignores issues of poverty, education and other institutional barriers. Used as synonym for Nigga/er.”

The “Just Words Campaign” also denounces the phrase “illegal alien” because it “fails to recognize the humanity of immigrants.” Words such as “crazy,” “trash,” and “welfare queen” are also on UWM’s list of microaggressions.

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Warren Scherer is the director this jackwagoned movement for po/co fools, essentially banning the foundation of my vocabulary. I’m very thankful that barely anyone has heard of UWM, which helped me not apply to it. If I attended that college, then I’d wear the image above on a t-shirt until it smelled funny. Can’t be a strapping young lad in college if you smell funny, and it wouldn’t be po/co for my comrades to call me dumpster baby because I smell like one.

I believe everyone has the right to say whatever they wish, joke about anything they like, and do so without fear of being labeled as a microagressionist. People have used these words since the beginning of time, and you’re still not desensitized by them yet? They’re just words. Words only hurt if you let them hurt.

Warren Scherer and the Inclusive Excellence Center remind me of a lame baby, born from a illegal alien b*tch THOT and a ghetto wh*re mother, who jewed the father for money because she’s a crazy welfare queen who acts like a nazi, and fakes being raped by a third world retard because she’s crazy trash, but can’t find a real thug chink to sleep with. Did you get that? No? What are you? A Caitlyn Jenner imposter? Are you deaf?

I think I covered all the offensive words that Warren Scherer and his friendly rainbow club want you to erase from memory and reality.

Oh no. Guess what word I forgot!

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