People Hate Democrats, They Really Hate Them

You won’t see this on the TV because it’s not nice news for Democrats, but things bode ill for the two Congressional Democratic leaders. Andrew Malcolm reports the Rasmussen poll results:

The new Rasmussen Reports poll says it’s a good thing for House Speaker Nancy “We Will Have a Healthcare Bill” Pelosi that she only needs to win her San Francisco district, not nationally. Her favorable rating fell eight points from April to May, down to only 35%.

Democrat House Speaker  Nancy Pelosi of California

Fifty-seven percent view her unfavorably, up from 52% in April.

Even among Democrats, her favorables dropped from three-out-of-four to two-out-of-three, not the direction Democrats want to see their numbers going in a first midterm election year when, historically, the White House party loses seats on Capitol Hill, unless they’re Bush Republicans in 2002.

The bad news is Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is worse off, in the opinion of likely voters. Fifty-three percent of Americans view the Nevadan unfavorably, while only a quarter view him favorably, down from 29% in April. Among Democrats, less than half (47%) think of him favorably.

Americans turned to the party of Pelosi and Reid in the 2006 election, returning control of both houses to Democrats after 12 years of GOP rule and six of Bush’s eight White House years.

Senate Democrat  Majority Leader Harry Reid In 2008, American voters enhanced the Democrat majorities while also turning the presidency over to the same party. With exploding deficits and stubbornly high unemployment rates, voters now appear to be having second thoughts.

Yeah, well, we’ll see how things go in November. If Republicans can capitalize on the Democrat loathing, there’s a good chance that they’ll win. If they’re playing defense of the Civil Rights act, ancient sexual peccadillo, or some other stupidity instead of focusing on the President’s disastrous policy choices, well…all bets are off.

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