Poll: Majority Say Government Is The Problem, Taxes Too High

Progressives think that Government, particularly the Central Government, is the answer, as well as increasing taxation (of course, they typically mean increase taxes on That Guy, not themselves). The majority of Americans say otherwise

(Fox News) A record number of American voters think they pay too much in taxes. In addition, they think government is more often the source of America’s troubles — not the means of fixing them.

The latest Fox News poll shows by a 67-18 percent margin, voters agree that the assessment by Ronald Reagan of the nation’s woes in 1981 applies today as well: That government is not the solution to our problems — government is the problem.

The portion seeing government “as the problem” is up 14 points from 53 percent in 2008.

Government could be used for good. Unfortunately, it is incompetent, irresponsible with the People’s money, and too concerned with their own power. And covering their own butts. And responding to certain constituencies/interest groups over others. Etc.

Even 51 percent of Democrats describe the government as the problem. Larger majorities of independents (70 percent) and Republicans (83 percent) agree.

The question is phrased “Which of the following comes closer to your view?” with the two main answers being

  • Government is usually the solution to the problem
  • Government is usually the problem

along with “mixed/depends” and “don’t know”.

Overall, 63 percent say their tax bill is too high. That’s up from the previous high of 54 percent in both 2012 and 2005.

Thirty-four percent think their taxes are “about right,” while just 2 percent say they pay too little.

It gets more fun

Those most likely to say their taxes are too high include: those part of the Tea Party movement (75 percent), self-identified “very” conservatives (73 percent) and Northeasterners (72 percent).

Thirty-seven percent of Democrats think the taxes they pay are “about right,” down from 51 percent who said the same in 2012.

So, those in the Northeast, who tend to be Democrat voters, think taxes are too high, to go with just 37% thinking that taxes are “about right”. Huh. Of course, this does still go to the notion amongst Democrats that Someone Else should be forced to pay, never themselves.

There’s actually quite a bit more in this poll, including on Obamacare, where we find that people think the country is

  • better off under Ocare – 33%
  • worse off – 42%
  • no difference – 22%


  • more expensive for family – 77%
  • less expensive – 22%
  • no change – 11%

I thought the longer we had it the more we’d love it?

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