UPDATE: The Latest Projections On Hurricane Irma – This Is Scary [VIDEO]

UPDATE: The Latest Projections On Hurricane Irma – This Is Scary [VIDEO]

We have live updates on Hurricane Irma without having to rely on CNN.

The latest projections on Hurricane Irma currently making landfall over Florida are bad. The current death toll for the Category Four storm is already at 23 dead with many more injured.

Updated at approx 1 pm EST:

  • Nine dead on St. Martin and St. Barts
  • Four dead in the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Three dead on Puerto Rico
  • One dead on Dutch St. Martin
  • One dead in Barbuda
  • One dead in Anguilla
  • Four dead on the British Virgin Islands

Those deaths are all confirmed by the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency in a statement. They gave few other details, but said that at least one airport is “compromised” by the storm and that 90% of Anguilla’s power infrastructure has been damaged along with significant damage to its main water supply.

As well, Hurricane Irma has destroyed St. Maarten’s international airport.

There are several different models predicting the track of the Hurricane on Florida.

This was posted by Steve McCauley, a Florida meteorologist on Facebook yesterday showing very little expected variation in the movement of the hurricane. Hurricane Harvey followed the European model which went right through the state.

McCauley posted:

“Here are the latest hurricane path forecasts from the major weather computer models from around the world in their attempt to predict where Irma will make Landfall. Florida continues to be the target, but some tracks are more ominous than others. Unfortunately, ALL tracks will be very damaging to the state.”

Right now the British Guardian newspaper is live updating the Hurricane.

At approximately 12:30 pm EST, a flight tracker showed a flurry of planes around the state. Dozens of flights had been canceled in the last day as people scrambled to leave the state. Fort Lauderdale’s airport has already announced that they will be closed tonight.

Mar-a-Lago was also ordered to evacuate a few hours ago along with 100,000 Palm Beach County residents who received the mandatory order. Over a million others have been ordered to leave Miami-Dade County.

Gov. Rick Scott is currently working on ensuring the fuel crisis is alleviated, posting this on Twitter:

Gas shortages have been reported all the way on the drive north.

Philip Klotzbach, a meteorologist at Colorado State posted this graphic on Twitter showing the impact and routes of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose.

The City of Key West is also tweeting out the notice to evacuate:

And reporters are coming in with video from the Bahamas showing the devastation:

Shelters are open all over Florida and Gov. Scott has advice for people still in the state:

As well as a plea for people who can help with disaster relief.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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