How the Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Convinced Me to Start a New Men’s Website, Brass Pills

How the Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Convinced Me to Start a New Men’s Website, Brass Pills

I’ve done politics for a living since 2001 and without a doubt, what was done to Brett Kavanaugh is the most grotesque thing I’ve seen since I got in the business. Here you have a man with a sterling reputation who’d already had 6 FBI background checks. At the last moment when he was about to be voted onto the Supreme Court, a string of dubious sexual allegations was launched against him.

All of these allegations were unprovable, had no witnesses willing to come forward even though there would have been multiple witnesses to each case and they were decades old from Kavanaugh’s high school and college years.  All the women were liberals and had a chance to potentially cost the Republican Party a Supreme Court seat. Additionally, because of her accusations, Christine Blasey Ford made almost $850,000 from two GoFundMes and has multiple book offers. So in every case, we are talking about women with a strong motive to lie.

Yet, what did we see? Kavanaugh was presumed guilty until proven innocent and there were demands that his nomination be withdrawn. His side of the story was treated as less important than the fact that there were allegations at all. The mainstream media seemed largely uninterested in challenging the credibility of the women accusing him. In other words, we saw no real effort to get to the truth about what actually happened. Granted, there were undoubtedly plenty of people who were fine with false accusations of sexual assault and gang rape against Kavanaugh merely because they thought it was good politics for their side. That is beyond the pale.  Far beyond the pale. Furthermore, that could give you the false impression that if you’re an ordinary guy who isn’t up for a Supreme Court seat, you have nothing to worry about.

However, nothing could be further from the truth because there were an awful lot of people screaming #believeallvictims and #believeallsurvivors as if an accusation alone is enough to determine if someone is a victim or a survivor. There were also legions of women openly saying that Brett Kavanaugh had to be guilty because some other man did something horrible to them. Then there were the people who seemed ready to brand Kavanaugh as a rapist because he was white, went to a prep school or was in a frat. To these people, whether he had actually done what he was accused of was secondary to the fact that they just don’t like people like him.

As a man, it was like having the blindfold ripped off my eyes and seeing that, no, there aren’t just a few bad actors out there, there are tens of millions of people in general and women in particular that are perfectly fine with a man being falsely accused of sexual assault.   As disturbing as that is, it’s also worth noting that it would be ten times worse for the average man than it is for someone like Brett Kavanaugh. Yes, Brett Kavanaugh did have to go through all of this in public and under the glare of a media spotlight, but he also had the President of the United States, a lot of Republicans in Congress and tens of millions of conservatives in his corner. If all it takes to destroy a man is an unprovable 30 year old accusation, who is going to be in the average man’s corner if he’s hit with a charge like this? His boss will probably cut and run. The media certainly isn’t going to ask any tough questions about an accuser’s credibility in the #metoo era. That’s the sort of situation where you get to find out who your real friends are and who’s sorta your friend, but willing to stand on the sidelines.

Had Kavanaugh gone down in flames, it would be a signal that innocent until proven guilty had been replaced by guilty until accused for men. What about the men who believe in due process and evidence? Well, they get accused of furthering a non-existent “rape culture” and being “rape apologists” as if those exist in any meaningful way in a country like America.

During the Kavanaugh hearings, I created a GoFundMe for Brett Kavanaugh’s family that reached $611,000.  I’m proud that I was able to do that, but it’s not enough. That’s why I decided to create this website — so someone will be out there pushing against feminists, the abuses of the #metoo movement and the attempts to “redefine masculinity” as something more feminine. Feminism today has turned into a combination of radicalism, man-hating and demands for special treatment.  The #metoo movement is doing as much harm as good and masculinity doesn’t need to be redefined. If you agree with that, welcome to the page. I hope you’ll bookmark us and keep coming back.

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