My Appearance On Fox Business To Discuss The Minimum Wage

My Appearance On Fox Business To Discuss The Minimum Wage

So last week, I drove to Alexandria for a business meeting. I had 2 1/2 hours sleep, drove 7 hours through both rain and snow and was completely exhausted when I arrived. However, when I checked my email, I found that Fox Business was inviting me to go on Money with Melissa Francis.

John hawkins on Fox

Of course, I agreed to do the show, but I didn’t have a blazer because I didn’t need one for the trip. I actually went to Jos. A. Bank to buy one, but they didn’t have anything I liked and I was not dropping $500 for an ugly blazer I’d only need one time.

Anyway, a car picked me up, took me to the studio and I hung out in the green room until my appearance.

When it was time to do the show, I was surprised to find that Melissa Francis and the other guest weren’t in the room. Instead, I was sitting by myself with audio in my ear, staring into a camera that said, “Please look here.”


The show actually went really well.


In fact, one of my comments actually ended up on their “best of” clip for the week.

Not too shabby for my first TV appearance.

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