Pushing Conservatives: The Guy In The Basement…. JoeDanMedia

Pushing Conservatives: The Guy In The Basement…. JoeDanMedia

Joe Dan GormanHis unique and powerful music videos have been featured on Breitbart TV, Michelle Malkin, The Tammy Bruce Show and countless others, but… who is this conservative caped crusader?

In the summer of 2009, after nearly 20 years away from music altogether, and after dusting himself off from a series of personal tragedies, a ‘small town guy’ returned to the studio and created ‘for personal use’—a YouTube account called JoeDanMedia. And a year and a half later, a case is being quietly, but strongly made that Joe Dan Gorman is among the best songwriters of our generation…

Yet to label Joe Dan ‘a songwriter’ is hardly a fair categorization. These are not your run-of-the-mill music videos…no, no, no, but well researched, powerful and masterful audio/video productions, pieces of art where no topic is taboo. JoeDanMedia will make you say, “whoa” at least once in almost every production… and he will always make you think.

Joe Dan GormanIn a sophisticated classic rock style with orchestras, rock guitars, and a uniquely raspy voice, Joe Dan goes nose to nose with the liberal machine like no one else has—a patriot unashamed of his love for God and country. He eviscerates Obama and the democrats in productions like “Gods of Government (featuring teleprompter jesus)“, and “Culture of Corruption (keynesian kings & socialist queens)” He fires back at the left’s baseless charges of racism in “Freedom is Colorblind“, and he gives a history lesson in “Prayer for America.”

In the powerhouse video “Live to Die (for virgins in the sky)” [featured below] — Joe Dan takes on Radical Islam.

His productions, while powerful and thought provoking, are hardly ‘polished Hollywood productions,’ and he has a tendency to mix the vocals a little too low (he doesn’t like his voice)—- but since he alone writes, performs, engineers and produces everything that we see and hear from an unfinished basement, we’ll not nit-pick his productions.

But what is abundantly clear is that this guy loves what he’s doing… he feel’s what he is doing…. and he’s damn good at it. The results are quite frankly ‘mini-masterpieces’. Joe Dan is not just a conservative that plays rock music… his music IS red-meat, core-value conservatism.

Now those who thought Joe Dan could only write political songs learned differently last week, when he released his first Christmas song. “Merry Christmas (Peace on Earth)” is simply one of the best original Christmas songs written in recent years [featured below], and one you will likely want to add to your collection.

Probably the biggest surprise came after watching the videos… when I heard Joe Dan doing a radio interview. The guy has a strong southern accent, does not mince words and he is absolutely hilarious.

Any radio or TV program, be it Ingraham, Beck, Huckabee, Red Eye, etc would be hard pressed to find a more entertaining and down to earth guest. If you have a show, get him on! If you don’t have a show, write to those who do!

He has steadfastly been on our team, so lets get on his team.

This month, JoeDanMedia.com released it’s first digital CD [download only] “Liberal Shock Therapy”, a 12-song collection of the video tunes now available at iTunes, Amazon & CD Baby. His Christmas song is also available, but as a single download only.

Recent studies indicate that conservatives dominate the internet, so we have the technology to circumvent the liberal gatekeepers, whether it’s posting to facebook, twitter, discussion boards, chat rooms or just dropping an email. And its time we start taking back our fair share of the media industries.

Now let’s quit ignoring the little things, and start promoting our own….and JoeDanMedia.com is a great place to start.

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