Q&A Friday #104

Last week, when I did the RWN fundraiser, I promised that if it reached the goal I’d set for it, I’d bring back Q&A Friday once a month. Well, we made the goal and this will be the first Q&A Friday since 2009. However, I also promised that I’d allow the people who donated to ask all the questions for the first one. Today, I’ll only be answering questions posed by donors to RWN.

PS: On the next Q&A Friday, in March, everyone who reads RWN will be able to ask questions about politics, ideology, history, blogging, RWN, movies, music, literature, or TV. Questions will also be allowed from any ideological perspective — conservative, liberal, libertarian, you name it. Then, I’ll answer those questions, just like I’m answering the ones you’re going to see from the donors today. Enjoy!

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