Q&A Friday #106: Who Blew It Worse? Herman Cain Or Tim Pawlenty?

Question: Which is worse:

-Tim Pawlenty embracing cap n trade, then re-examining the issue, backing away from it, and admitting that it was a wrongheaded and stupid idea.

-Herman Cain embracing TARP, and standing by that decision to this day. — President Friedman

Answer: In all fairness to Herman Cain, his spin is that he did originally support TARP, but that once they changed the way it was going to be used, he changed his mind on it.

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Which position is worse? I’d say Cain’s position, since I didn’t support TARP as it was originally designed to work.

All that being said, looking at the candidates that are in and the candidates that are going to get in, other than perhaps Bachmann, at one time of another, all of them have taken SOME POSITION that will rub conservatives the wrong way. In other words, whoever the nominee turns out to be — he or she is probably going to have a flaw that will stick in some people’s throats. That’s just the reality we’re going to have to deal with.

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