Q&A Friday #107: What If Rick Perry Gets In?

Question: Hawkins, what is your opinion on the possible entry of Rick Perry in the GOP race for the nomination? What are his chances? — TheDickNixon

Answer: Rick Perry is a major league candidate. He’s conservative, he has charisma, he can raise money, and he has an outstanding economic record in Texas that’s going to look awfully good if the economy stays soft.

On the other hand, he’s going to have his flaws and imperfections just like all the other candidates (He’s been a little soft on immigration in the past) — and he’s a candidate from Texas whose voice has the same accent and cadence as George W. Bush.

So, if he gets in, he’ll be a top tier candidate with a decent shot to win. From there, well, that’s why we have primaries.

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PS: Despite the fact you’re going to hear it endlessly repeated, he never called for Texas to secede.

PS #2: I like Perry a lot as a candidate. He would be the third candidate in the race that I’d currently feel good about as the nominee (And Mitt Romney is not one of those 3)

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