Q&A Friday #108: If Tim Pawlenty Were A Hot Latino Female, Would He Be The Front Runner?

Question: If Tim Pawlenty had the same record, personality, and policy platform, but was a hot latino female, would he be the frontrunner in The Republican Primary? — President Friedman

Answer: Of course!

Let me add, if Sarah Palin were a man, she wouldn’t be 1/10 as popular. If Barack Obama were white, he would have been a joke candidate in 2008. If Marco Rubio were white, Charlie Crist would be the GOP senator from Florida right now.

Sound awful?

Well, if Brad Pitt were uglier, he wouldn’t be a movie star. If Bill Gates had been born in Afghanistan instead of America, he’d probably be a toothless poppy farmer right now. If Paris Hilton had been a man, no one would have heard of her.

Life’s full of incredibly meaningful events that turn on accidents of birth; so I’m not sure why politics should be any different.

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