Q&A Friday #108: If Tim Pawlenty Were A Hot Latino Female, Would He Be The Front Runner?

Question: If Tim Pawlenty had the same record, personality, and policy platform, but was a hot latino female, would he be the frontrunner in The Republican Primary? — President Friedman

Answer: Of course!

Let me add, if Sarah Palin were a man, she wouldn’t be 1/10 as popular. If Barack Obama were white, he would have been a joke candidate in 2008. If Marco Rubio were white, Charlie Crist would be the GOP senator from Florida right now.

Sound awful?

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Well, if Brad Pitt were uglier, he wouldn’t be a movie star. If Bill Gates had been born in Afghanistan instead of America, he’d probably be a toothless poppy farmer right now. If Paris Hilton had been a man, no one would have heard of her.

Life’s full of incredibly meaningful events that turn on accidents of birth; so I’m not sure why politics should be any different.

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