The 10 Best Quotes From Kurt Schlichter’s Kelly Turnbull Series

The 10 Best Quotes From Kurt Schlichter’s Kelly Turnbull Series

My buddy Kurt Schlichter’s Kelly Turnbull series (Indian Country, People’s Republic & Wildfire) is the best conservative fiction put out in the last decade. The books cover what would happen if we were to have another American Civil War and the nation were to split into a red and blue half. The hero of the stories is Kelly Turnbull, a Red American special forces agent doing missions in the heart of blue America. All of the books are good, although I particularly enjoyed the first book Indian Country  As you’ll see, the quotes tend to be wicked quips from Kelly Turnbull mixed with conservative philosophy or biting observations about how modern liberals behave. Enjoy the quotes and if you are looking for something great to read, the other books are great as well.

10) “For starters, I want to know how you started tracking us. No, hold on there, I can see those wheels in your head turning trying to figure out what to tell me, and I gotta tell you that I’m just not in the mood. If you waste my very limited time, I will put a round in your face, and I can tell by the smell of your used coffee that you aren’t one of those guys who’s not afraid to die. So let’s just save ourselves the hassle, cut the bullsh*t, and you go ahead and answer my questions.”

9) “You look like a hobo puked up by another hobo.”

8) “We do not fear you because we know how far we can push you. You love your quiet and your vacations to Mykonos and your pornography and your pills, but you won’t fight for them, not if we don’t push you too far. Not even those revanchists out in the countryside that you cannot control. They only fight when we go to them.”

7) “Somewhere along the line, some NCO had taught Lieutenant Ryan that if you weren’t fifteen minutes early you were already late.”

6) “I thought they liked diversity.” “They do – they like a diverse variety of people who all agree with them and obey their commands.”

5) “In all of Turnbull’s life, he had never once regretted being too well-armed. Never once.”

4) “Turnbull did not open his eyes. ‘Like they taught me in Ranger School, if you aren’t eating or shooting or sh*tting, you should be sleeping.'”

3) “We rule by fear, fear on the part of individuals who know that anyone who rebels will be punished. But if everyone rebels, then we are effectively helpless.”

2) “It was remarkable how a nation so focused on rooting out what it called bigotry under various labels always seemed to uncover more and more of it lurking inside itself.”

1) “When the norms, laws, and our Constitution are ignored for short term political advantage, those who would do so likely imagine that it is merely an expedient measure, that somehow, down the road, we will return to normal again. But it is not that easy. It is not that simple. You cannot expect that your opponent will placidly continue to abide by the old rules even as you reap the advantages of the new ones. If you push and push, eventually there will be a push back. There will be a reaction, and we may not be able to control it. Because when you change the rules, you change the game. And when you change the game, it might not be into a game you are prepared to play and win.”

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