#Ferguson Couple Attacks Driver, Slugs Her in the Face and Damages Vehicle During Protest

#Ferguson Couple Attacks Driver, Slugs Her in the Face and Damages Vehicle During Protest

So this is what a peaceful protest looks like. When someone doesn’t go along with the charade, the Ferguson protesters get violent — as one woman found out when she tried to drive past the group of protesters, and got punched in the face for it.


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A prominent figure in the Ferguson protest movement posted bail late Wednesday afternoon and departed the St. Louis County Justice into the arms of cheering supporters who had just ended a brief demonstration on her behalf.

“It’s beautiful,” said Brittany Ferrell, accepting hugs from some of the 75 demonstrators who just moments before had locked arms before a small contingent of Clayton police officers positioned outside the South Central Avenue entrance to the jail.

Ferrell, 26, was freed after posting 10 percent of the $10,000 bail imposed after she was charged with felony property damage, trespass and peace disturbance…

… The interstate shutdown was part of a day of protest action following the anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown Jr. in Ferguson. Protesters lined up on both sides of the interstate just east of the Blanchette Bridge shortly after 5 p.m. Monday, bringing traffic to a standstill.

One driver who was forced to stop tried to move forward through the line of people, and the protesters tried to stop her SUV, according to court documents.

Templeton punched the driver through her open window, giving the woman a black eye, according to charges. Ferrell kicked the woman’s vehicle, causing nearly $5,000 in damage, the charges say.

Ah, yes — the best way to show your morality on “Moral Monday” is by being violent towards other people. These morons have no idea why this woman had to get past the protest, how dire or urgent her situation might have been, and they don’t care, because they have their silly little meaningless protest to carry on with, and they’ll attack anyone who doesn’t play along.

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