New Evidence Suggests NAACP Bombing That the FBI Said Could Be “Domestic Terrorism” May Not Have Even Happened

New Evidence Suggests NAACP Bombing That the FBI Said Could Be “Domestic Terrorism” May Not Have Even Happened

It seems like there are more evidence of hate crime hoaxes in the United States than actual hate crimes. The media, along with the FBI, are feverishly investigating a supposed bombing of NAACP offices in Colorado — except new evidence shows that the bombing may never have happened to begin with.

naacp bombing

The New York Times reported on Thursday what was said to have happened in the article “Scorch Marks and Questions Linger After N.A.A.C.P. Bombing in Colorado”:

A shadow of char is the only remnant of an improvised bomb that exploded Tuesday outside the local offices of theN.A.A.C.P. here at the feet of the snow-covered Rocky Mountains, jolting the volunteers more accustomed to running membership drives and planning prayer breakfasts.

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On Thursday, F.B.I. investigators continued trying to unravel the identity and motivation of whoever had set off the makeshift bomb Tuesday morning, a crime that authorities are investigating as a possible bias attack or case of domestic terrorism. The N.A.A.C.P.’s all-volunteer staff here decided to reopen the office, still baffled by an assault that they said seemed to come out of nowhere.

… Although there are exceedingly rare acts of such “anti-minority, right-wing” domestic terrorism, it is unclear that this is the case here.

As can be verified with a cursory check of Google Earth [available at time of publication] using the NAACP’s address “603 South El Paso Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903,” a photo of the building is produced from last September:

old naacp

Both the time stamp of 9/2014 and the obvious weather disparity show that this “shadow of char” was on the NAACP building long before last week.

One more view:


What is there to make of such easily verifiable evidence that disputes the claim that an “explosion” occurred at the NAACP building in Colorado Springs last week? And why is the FBI searching for a suspect for the disputed “bombing”? That is left up to the reader to decide.

Could the NAACP have invented this entire thing just to get money or attention? To garner sympathy from a public that is not feeling very sympathetic towards race hustlers right now? Hopefully, the FBI will conduct a fair investigation, and whatever really happened will come to light.

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