Actual Indian Issues EPIC CHALLENGE to Elizabeth Warren [VIDEO]

Actual Indian Issues EPIC CHALLENGE to Elizabeth Warren [VIDEO]

Looks like Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has some competition.

After gaining notoriety when it was widely publicized that she faked Cherokee heritage to get jobs, including with Harvard Law School who hired her as a way to diversify their faculty. Donald Trump famously started calling her Pocahontas and even Bill Maher has called her that to her face on his Real Time show. Warren and her family claimed to have a letter that said her great-great-great grandmother was Cherokee, but nobody can produce the letter and certainly nobody has the marriage or birth certificate trail to prove it.

In short, Warren is as white as Rachel Dolezal.

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And now, the Fake Indian Warren is being challenged by a real Indian (from India, not a native American) who is also running for a Massachusetts senatorial seat.

V.A. Shiva just posted on his Twitter feed footage of his 23andme DNA test, which determines genetic ancestry. He says he’ll get his results back from his shortly and challenges Sen. Warren to take her own test to prove whether or not she has Indian blood.

I don’t think it’s too far off to think that Sen. Warren will refuse to take part in this #fakeIndian challenge.

According to the Daily Wire, Sen. Warren is not eligible to be listed as a member of a Cherokee tribe which requires that one grandparent at the least must be full blooded Cherokee. Any less and you are no longer considered eligible for membership. Futhermore, Sen. Warren herself had listed on her Aunt Bea’s death certificate that Bea was white, not American Indian, despite Bea being one of the people Warren claims to have had more first hand information on the family’s Cherokee and Delaware blood.

Oh, and she’s not even listed as a Native American in the Senate. But I won’t be holding my breath waiting for the DNA results back from her.

Shiva’s Twitter feed and his campaign team’s feed have been getting a lot of attention lately. Here are some recent examples of why he’s doing so well on social media. There’s no way that Sen. Warren can pretend for much longer that she isn’t noticing how popular her new rival is getting.

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