Another Faux Indian Turns Up in Academia: Susan Taffe Reed

The fastest and easiest pathway to success in the USSA is to not be white — particularly in academia, where meaningful standards of appraisal have been rejected in favor of political correctness. Consequently, the ambitious jump their race the way Bruce Jenner attempted to jump his gender. Another example:

Dartmouth announced that ethnomusicologist Susan Taffe Reed is the new director of the college’s Native American Program, boasting that she is “the president of the Eastern Delaware Nations.”

But the Eastern Delaware Nations (EDN) is not a federally recognized Native American tribe, it’s a 501(c)(3) that also allows “members [who] are not of Native American descent, but [who] join as social members.” And, after a searing blog post unearthed alleged death certificates of Taffe’s ancestors that show her family coming to the U.S. from Ireland after the Indian Removal Act, Native American alumni of the college are protesting the hire on their Facebook page. Native American media is also scrutinizing Dartmouth’s decision to hire someone for a student affairs position who seems less than forthcoming about her own heritage. …

In one biography (PDF), Taffe Reed claims that she is “Turtle Clan and of Delaware, Irish, and German ancestry” and, in another, she lists herself as “Delaware (Turtle Clan).” In a book chapter, she says that she is “related to Little Beaver.”

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That’s quite a resume. Too bad it appears to be fake. But Dartmouth stands by her with this gobbledygook:

“While we recognize the legitimacy of the concern that individuals may falsely identify themselves as Native American, Dartmouth also understands that there are varying perspectives in the Native American community over what constitutes ethnicity, which is a separate issue from false claims of ethnicity,” the school’s official statement reads.

The important thing career-wise is that like Elizabeth Warren and Ward Churchill, she self-identifies as an Indian, just as Rachel Dolezal self-identifies as a black and Bruce Jenner as a woman.

Although the story is still unfolding, it appears safe to say that Ms. Taffe Reed belongs on this growing list of racial impostors:

Susan Taffe Reed
Michael Derrick Hudson/Yi-Fen Chou
Shaun King
Andrea Smith
Rachel Dolezal
Vijay Chokal-Ingam
Elizabeth Warren
Ward Churchill

If she doesn’t look like an Indian, it could be because she isn’t.

On tips from Byron and J. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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