Baltimore Police Officers Identified, 3 Of 6 Are Black

This kinda erases the whole “it’s all about racism” talking point. The tweet comes via Breitbart‘s long continuously update post on #BaltimoreRiots

Of course, this doesn’t erase the seemingly known issue of outrageous actions by some members of the Baltimore PD, in a Very Liberal City run by Democrats for well over 40 years.

(Baltimore Sun) Widespread outrage over the death of Freddie Gray gave way to impromptu celebrations Friday after Baltimore’s chief prosecutor filed criminal charges against the six police officers who arrested him, drove him to a police station and ignored his pleas for medical help.

State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby charged the driver of the van with second-degree murder and the other officers with offenses that included involuntary manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, second-degree assault, false imprisonment and misconduct in office. The officers were taken into custody Friday and released on bail.

The Fraternal Order Of Police are asking Mosby to recuse herself. One also has to wonder if Mosby over-reached on some of the charges, possibly in order to get “justice” for all those who were protesting. We’ll soon see. But, it does sure seem like the conduct of the officers was poor, and possibly criminal. And we have to wonder why Freddie Gray was arrested in the first place, was not only handcuffed but had his feet shackled, and was not properly belted in the police transport.

Of course, the problems in Baltimore are white racism, per the NY Times (among others)

The problem is not black culture. It is policy and politics, the very things that bind together the history of Ferguson and Baltimore and, for that matter, the rest of America.

Even though the city has a Black Mayor, police commissioner, and police chief, with a majority of the city council being Black, and the population being 65% Black, and let’s not forget heavily Democratic, the problem is your White Privilege. With all due respect, rarely are there riots/agitation within the White community, and when they occur, it’s usually Leftists (Occupy movement, Seattle WTO riot, riots because their sports team won/lost the championship)

Specifically, the problem rests on the continued profitability of racism. Freddie Gray’s exposure to lead paint as a child, his suspected participation in the drug trade, and the relative confinement of black unrest to black communities during this week’s riot are all features of a city and a country that still segregate people along racial lines, to the financial enrichment of landlords, corner store merchants and other vendors selling second-rate goods.

The city has been under Democratic rule since the late 1960’s. Interestingly, when Whites start moving into Black neighborhoods, we get complaints of “gentrification”. There are all interesting complaints. Yet, 50% of the officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death are Black.

Of course, this is all related to slavery

The problem originates in a political culture that has long bound black bodies to questions of property. Yes, I’m referring to slavery.

And White people (which would include Orientals and everyone who isn’t Black) owning property 150 years after slavery was abolished is still slavery. How do we take this seriously? Again, with all due respect, perhaps it is high time for the Black community as a whole to take responsibility for what goes on in their communities, rather than Blamestorming.

The constant Blame that has cropped up during the age of Obama, and in particular the last 3-4 years, seems to be counterproductive. I’ve been seeing more and more comments from Whites that Blame blacks, that create separatism, something that wouldn’t have happened that long ago. It’s almost like Whites are tired of being the recipients of Blame. For my part, I’m tired of being the recipient of Blame for something I have nothing to do with. Only White people are allowed to be blamed, we’re accused of “unconscious racism”, and so many other things. It’s tiresome, and I believe it makes many people just not give a damn about race. At Salon a few days ago we got

Dear white Facebook friends: I need you to respect what Black America is feeling right now

The article was all about telling White people to shut up. Imagine an article written in reverse, and ends with

Black is Beautiful and Black Lives Matter,

Are we allowed to write “White is Beautiful” and “White Lives Matter”? We all know the answer. I’m tired of all those who attempt to divide us by race, and Blame others for their own failings.

The real question should be “why are mostly White Very Liberal cities doing well, and mostly Black Very Liberal cities doing very bad?” Is it Blacks, as some posit, or is it that Liberalism is very bad for Blacks?

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