Department of Social Justice: LEOs Can Be Criminals or Non-Citizens, So Long As They Aren’t White Guys

Department of Social Justice: LEOs Can Be Criminals or Non-Citizens, So Long As They Aren’t White Guys

If you want a job in law enforcement, not being a criminal is okay, but the important thing is not to be a white man:

[Last] Wednesday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) released the “Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement” report, which highlights hiring practices in the law enforcement community. In the report. the DOJ discusses problems associated with diversifying police forces, claiming racial diversity is more important than being a law-abiding citizen.

From the report:

Researchers and practitioners have also highlighted that the use of criminal background checks, which are a regular part of the screening process for many agencies, is likely to disproportionately impact racial minority applicants since, for a variety of reasons [actually, for one reason: they commit more crime], individuals from those communities are more likely to have contact with the criminal justice system.

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Since the only real criterion is not to be a white male, and white males are less likely to have criminal records, then obviously checking into the criminal histories of potential law enforcement officers would be counterproductive.

If being a criminal doesn’t count against you, why should not being an American citizen? Also from the report:

Allowing work-authorized non-U.S. citizens to work in state and local law enforcement, particularly in jurisdictions with large immigrant populations, can enable agencies to more closely represent the diversity of their community. Especially as agencies work to serve communities with a large percentage of limited English proficient (LEP) residents, excluding officers who are not U.S. citizens may significantly limit the number of applicants who speak languages other than English.

Meanwhile, these same people are using Black Lives Matter riots and rhetoric to work toward federal control of local police. In the future, calling 911 will just get you robbed again.

loretta lynch
Openly discriminates against people who don’t look like her.

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