Faculty Laments Arrest of University of Wisconsin Vandal

The recent arrest of a serial vandal at the University of Wisconsin–Madison shines a light on what is being imparted instead of knowledge in some of the more politically correct courses:

Prompting widespread anger from faculty and students, University of Wisconsin at Madison police on Thursday pulled a black student from class and arrested him for allegedly spray-painting anti-racist messages across campus.

The anger was not with the punk for defacing public property, but with the police for arresting him. Over 700 fools — including faculty, naturally — signed a letter griping that the police care more about crimes like vandalism than they do about the imaginary plight of persons of politically preferred pigmentation.

At least some of the graffiti was not antiracist but rather racist, such as “THE DEVIL IZ A WHITE MAN.” But then, racism against whites counts as antiracism on college campuses.

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“The university is more interested in protecting the symbols of UW as a progressive institution, like their buildings and Bucky, rather than the students who are actually fighting for social change, and apparently their lives,” Johanna Almiron, the Wisconsin professor whose Afro-American Studies class was disrupted by police, said in the letter.

Bucky refers to university mascot Bucky Badger, who has been depicted by social justice warriors as a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Johanna screeched about the cops storming into the class with “guns visible,” allegedly terrifying the students. Unfortunately for the narrative, there is video, which shows officers calmly entering the classroom to talk with McDonald.

University of Wisconsin police had been searching for the student behind the graffiti — which the university says caused about $4,000 in damage — for six months, the department said in a statement. The messages, often written in red and black spray paint and signed “God,” were found scrawled on several buildings across campus. “Racism in the air,” one message stated, “don’t breathe.”

Other messages stated, “White supremacy is a disease” and “f*** the police.”

He also allegedly threatened to kill a witness to his vandalism. But the witness was probably a racist who deserved it for not appreciating the plight of the allegedly oppressed, so you can see why faculty would take McDonald’s side.

Courses taught by the learned scholar Johanna Almiron include:

“We Wear the Mask”: Race and Representation
Towards the Black Fantastic: Afro-futurism and Black Visual Culture
Divas and Dandy-lions: Visual Culture, Gender and Critical Race Theory
Art and Visual Culture: Women of the African Diaspora and Africa

Affirmative action, combined with public funding, is reducing higher education to a farce.

In a related story,

A teaching assistant in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Afro-American studies department canceled a class on Thursday just hours after campus police located a black student — in a separate class — and arrested the student because he allegedly spray-painted “F*** THE POLICE,” “THE DEVIL IZ A WHITE MAN” and much other graffiti on a bunch of buildings all over campus for half a year.

The taxpayer-funded teaching assistant is Michael Davis.…

Davis is regularly scheduled to lead a 50-minute weekly discussion class for a three-credit course called “Hip-hop and Contemporary Society” each Thursday beginning at 2:25 p.m.

On Thursday, students who showed up to class ready to learn found no one in the classroom.

Davis had sent a curt email to students — at 1:08 p.m. on Thursday — informing them that the class was cancelled.

Davis is to be thanked for sparing what’s left of society from 50 minutes of the sort of propaganda that eggs on the likes of McDonald.

Denzel McDonald
Denzel and his handiwork.

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