Nun, 86, Gang-Raped and Murdered in South African Mission

Only a few decades ago South Africa was a well-to-do but horrid place, controlled by racist whites who had colonized the region centuries previously. But then the world united in righteous condemnation against this lonely outpost of Western Civilization. Succumbing to public pressure, the Afrikaners turned over power to black leftists prominently featuring the communist terrorist and liberal demigod Nelson Mandela. Now everyone is living happily ever after. See for yourself:

An 86-year-old nun was reportedly gang-raped before being murdered in her bedroom at a South African missionary.

Gertrud Tiefenbacher’s hands had been tied with a typewriter cord and a towel placed over a face, say local police.

Her body was found by other nuns at the Sacred Heart Missionary in Ixopo, a small town 85 miles south-west of Durban. …

A small sum of money – thought to be in euros – had been stolen from her room.

She died of suffocation.

Authorities are not likely to knock themselves out trying to solve the crime. Even the BBC admits that the “government has so far been unwilling to make solving and preventing these murders [i.e., murders of whites] a priority.” Multicultural activities include not only raping and suffocating nuns, but also “drowning infants in boiling water, raping children, disemboweling whole families,” et cetera, et cetera.

Meanwhile, self-defense is not allowed.

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