Sheriff Clarke Blasted Ferguson ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement With Two Words (VIDEO)

Sheriff Clarke Blasted Ferguson ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement With Two Words (VIDEO)

Not everyone in the black community is applauding the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement — some see it for what it really is, a pathetic excuse for a bunch of lowlifes to run around committing crime under the guise of civil rights. One person that is publicly calling these thugs out is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who blasted the rioters on the O’Reilly Factor.

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As Western Journalism reported on Monday, St. Louis County authorities declared a state of emergency in Ferguson following Sunday’s outbreak of violence. That declaration allowed them to mobilize manpower and resources to be ready in case there were a repeat of the Sunday night unrest.

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“The police are not looking for confrontation, but if someone’s gonna bring the fight, they have to respond quickly.” So said Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on The O’Reilly Factor Monday night. Sheriff Clarke told Factor guest host Eric Bolling that the renewed protests in Ferguson are part of a “big lie” about Michael Brown’s death after being shot by now retired police officer Darren Wilson.

Clarke went on to blast “Black Lives Matter” as a “phony movement” that serves the political needs of Democrats who want to keep a significant portion of their base fired up over issues of race heading into 2016.

Sheriff Clarke is right: this is nothing more than the black community being manipulated by Democrats and race hustlers, who want to use racial division for their own profit and power. But at the same time, these are willing participants here, all too happy to cause chaos, commit crimes, and burn down black-owned businesses, all in the name of ‘black lives matter’.

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