Student Group at Pomona College Aims to Deconstruct Whiteness

Student Group at Pomona College Aims to Deconstruct Whiteness

In the unlikely event that any college students are not getting enough moonbattery in their classes, they can resort to extracurricular self-abasement:

White students at Pomona College have launched a new student group dedicated to “owning our racism” and “deconstructing our whiteness.”

The organization—which calls itself “We’ve Got Work To Do: White People for Deconstructing Whiteness”—held its inaugural gathering [last] Tuesday evening on Pomona’s campus, though students from all five schools in the Claremont College consortium are welcome to join.

“This is a group for White people at the 5C’s to work on owning our racism, deconstructing our Whiteness, and to engage in movement & action toward dismantling White Supremacy,” the organization explains on its Facebook page.

The group is only for white people? So some whites really are exclusionary and racist! Good thing they are denouncing themselves.

However, they plan to redeem themselves for their racial sinfulness by dismantling “the edifice of Whiteness because this mythological construct stands at the vortex of racial inequality in America.”

The meeting was set to begin with a round of introductions, during which participants state not only their names and preferred pronouns, but also to share an example of “how [they] have been racist or microaggressive recently.”

Aspects of white identity targeted for destruction include “worship of the written word” and “perfectionism,” confirming that post-white utopia will be illiterate and have lower standards in general.

What fun.

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