Students Take Picture With Confederate Battle Flag, People Freak And Want Something Done

Offended. I see that Memeorandum has a big pull from ABC11 here in the Triangle. entitled “CONFEDERATE FLAG PHOTO UPSETS CHAPEL HILL STUDENTS” (love the all caps), but, I like the WRAL article better

Chapel Hill man says daughter’s controversial photo taken ‘out of context’

The father of a student at East Chapel Hill High School said Wednesday that his daughter did not mean to offend anyone in late April when she posted a photo to social media of two Confederate flags with the caption “South will rise.”

(Photo from the ABC11 article)

A contentious scene unfolded outside the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools offices Wednesday morning when Ronald Creatore arrived to defend his daughter and ask questions of concerned students, parents and community members who were holding a news conference to call for punishment in the incident. Creatore said the meaning of his daughter’s post was taken out of context.

Remember that in bold for a few minutes

The picture was taken during a school trip to the Gettysburg National Battlefield, and it was uploaded to the photo-sharing mobile app Instagram.

A comment on the photo reading “Already bought my first slave” also drew criticism from many students and parents at the school, including Creatore, who said it was unacceptable.

The daughter wrote an apology

“I’m sorry that my picture offended people and especially since my initial caption (that I changed once I realized people took it seriously), but I’m currently on the Civil War trip learning about the history of our country and this just so happens to be a pretty (expletive) important part of it. We were reenacting Pickett’s charge in which the South lost 85% of their soldiers. These aren’t the Confederate flags in fact, they’re the North Carolina regimental flags. I’m proud to be a part of my state and I’m sorry my photo was so offensive but I find it appropriate in that I’m honoring heroes that fought to protect their home and families. Thanks though.”

We can debate the meaning of the flag, which, really, I understand has negative connotations to Blacks, but, to most whites, especially in the South, it simply stands for Southern pride and freedom from a powerful Central government, and has nothing to do with hatred of Blacks. Not all Confederates were pro-slavery, nor were all Union soldiers anti-slavery. Most Confederates had nothing to do with slavery, and couldn’t have cared less. Different mindsets from different races. But, certainly, the comment about “buying first slave” is beyond the pale, but wasn’t written by the students in the picture. At least no article has made that claim.

Many who were offended are trying to turn this into a racism issue, and that is their right. Even though these are young kids who are young kids (and, strangely, have been stuck in an uber-liberal education system).

What we do have, though, is calls for punishment because people are Offended, despite no law being broken, unless we want to consider Thought Crime laws. This is law by mob rule. This is Rule Of Men, rather than Rule Of Law. People should be very concerned by this trend, where the Law is arbitrary. Because those calling for punishment could be the next recipient if they Offend someone.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Superintendent Tom Forcella told WRAL that the students are not likely to be punished because it does not fall under the system’s definition of cyberbullying.

In fact, the person who seems to be the recipient of bullying, both cyber and real world, is the daughter. There are some seriously nasty comments written about her at Talking Points Memo and Raw Story, among others. Parents screaming at the girls about “white privilege” is abusive and bullying. Calling for the girl to be arbitrarily punished for Offending is bullying and abusive.

You have a right to be offended. You don’t have a right to criminalize being offended.

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