Virtuoso Race Card Player Rachel Dolezal Sued Black Howard University for Discrimination

She may have a lot of loose screws rattling around under the phony Buckwheat hairdo, but you have to hand it to professional racist Rachel Dolezal — she is highly skilled in her area of expertise. Being a transracial black (i.e., a black who is actually white) enabled her to exploit this skill and play both sides of the race card. No doubt she secured her position as president of the Spokane NAACP and professor of Africana studies by pretending to be black, just as this ruse allowed her to promote her ideology by staging hate hoaxes. But if you know what you are doing, even being white can be turned to your advantage:

The NAACP official who [Monday] resigned in the face of evidence that she masqueraded as black once sued Howard University for denying her teaching posts and a scholarship because she was a white woman, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Rachel Dolezal, 37, who headed the NAACP’s Spokane, Washington chapter, sued Howard for discrimination in 2002, the year she graduated from the historically black college with a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Dolezal, then known as Rachel Moore, named the university and Professor Alfred Smith as defendants in a lawsuit filed in Washington, D.C.’s Superior Court. During the pendency of the civil case, Smith was chairman of Howard’s Department of Art.

According to a Court of Appeals opinion, Dolezal’s lawsuit “claimed discrimination based on race, pregnancy, family responsibilities and gender.” She alleged that Smith and other school officials improperly blocked her appointment to a teaching assistant post, rejected her application for a post-graduate instructorship, and denied her scholarship aid while she was a student.

The court opinion also noted that Dolezal claimed that the university’s decision to remove some of her artworks from a February 2001 student exhibition was “motivated by a discriminatory purpose to favor African-American students over” her.

As detailed in the court opinion, Dolezal’s lawsuit contended that Howard was “permeated with discriminatory intimidation, ridicule, and insult.”

A white attending Howard would be a fool not to expect plenty of “discriminatory intimidation, ridicule, and insult.” Nonetheless Dolezal lost her suit.

Following the dismissal of Dolezal’s lawsuit (and the Court of Appeals decision), she was ordered to reimburse Howard for a “Bill of Costs” totaling $2728.50. During the case, she was also ordered to pay the university nearly $1000 in connection with an “obstructive and vexatious” court filing that sought to improperly delay her examination by an independent doctor.

Dolezal’s legal attack was not only vexatious but greedy:

Dolezal’s lawsuit included “claims for medical and emotional distress damages,” according to a court docket.

Good thing the suit didn’t succeed. She might have tried suing her way to a presidential position in the NAACP rather than posing as a black. We would have been denied all the laughs she has provided.

Can play both sides of the race card.

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